Tibco Spotfire Certification

TIBCO (The Information Bus Company) Software is an American based company that implements integration, analytics and event-processing software for firms to use.

On-premises or as a part of cloud computing environment the software controls information, decisions, processes and applications for customers.

TIBCO offers various certification programs that certify your competency in designing, development, deployment and administration of TIBCO application and infrastructure technologies.

Show your abilities and fix yourself apart with a professional certification from TIBCO.

Trained Professional

Entry-level TIBCO certification identifying those who have attended training and reached the related knowledge assessment online tests.

  • Prerequisites: Completion of at least one TIBCO course
  • Exam: Online knowledge assessment test. Register Here
  • Pricing: Course prices vary+US$100 per corresponding online knowledge assessment test
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Entry in online certification directory: Yes
  • Use of certification logo: No
  • Bio featured on certification site: No

Certified Professional

Identifies individuals who have attended TIBCO training or have similar knowledge and experience and passed a formal certification exam.

  • Prerequisites: Online training or equivalent experience
  • Exam: Certification exam at authorized test centers
  • Pricing: US$300 per exam
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Entry in online certification directory: Yes
  • Use of certification logo: Yes
  • Bio featured on certification site: Yes

TIBCO Certified Professional Program Details

The TIBCO Certification Professional program is designed for the Enterprises and System Integrators with IT specialists and developers.


  • Confirms individualability in TIBCO outputs,improved value to employers and customers.
  • Increases quality and compatibility of TIBCO implementations
  • Designs TIBCO technology evangelists who build more powerful and robust solutions.
  • TIBCO Certification logo improves online profiles, email signature, website.

Candidate Agreement

TIBCO Software Inc. requires all applicants to agree to the terms of the TIBCO Certified Professional Candidate Agreement before taking an exam.

  • You must accept this deal every time you take a TIBCO certification exam.
  • By clicking “Accept”, you acknowledge that you have read, accept and agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement.
  • This agreement contains nondisclosure commitments, trademark license rights, termination rights and indemnification obligations, disclaimers of warranties and limitations of responsibility.

Study Materials

TIBCO provides exam outlines and sample questions for all of the exams. Please see individual exam details and use only TIBCO authorized study materials.

TIBCO has not authorized any website to distribute or sell certification exam materials. Use of such materials violates the TIBCO Certified Professional Candidate Agreement.

Contact TIBCO Certification if you have any questions or to report breaches.

Exam Registration, Discounts and Retake Policy

Exam Cost: $300 (US Dollars). Please follow the registration procedure to register for an exam.

Volume discounts are available when obtaining ten vouchers or more. Candidates may attempt each exam up to three times in a twelve-month period, waiting for theminimum of thirty days between attempts.

There are no discounts for retakes and candidates cannot retake an exam if they have already passed it.

Current TIBCO Certified Professional Exams

  • TCP-BW6: TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 6 Certification Exam
  • TCP-BPM4: TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.x Solution Developer Certification Exam
  • TCP-BW5: TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 5 Certification Exam
  • TCP-EMS8: TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ 8 Certification Exam
  • TCP-BE5: TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5 Certification Exam
  • TCP-SP7: TIBCO Spotfire for Analysts Certification Exam

TIBCO Connected Intelligence

Cloud Certifications

TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud fuels digital marketing by allowing better decisions and faster, smarter actions.

Our documents of cloud solutions – ranging from integration to API management and analytics – can help you interconnect virtually any data or device, capture information from almost anywhere in real-time and augment the intelligence of your business through analytical insights.

Designed to use modern cloud deployment patterns and technologies, TIBCO Cloud™ solutions accelerate your digital transformation initiatives at a lower total cost of ownership while providing continuous access to the latest capabilities and benefits.

Whether certified to run on cloud foundation hosted by TIBCO, a vendor of your choice or on-premises with a path to cloud, TIBCO® solutions can help you achieve your connected intelligence needs.

  • As-a-Service offerings: TIBCO provides SaaS-based offerings that seamlessly scale to meet your demands, without having to invest in your own or third-party infrastructure.
  • Marketplace offerings: TIBCO partners with leading cloud providers to run your solutions on scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure.
  • Cloud certified: TIBCO helps you to accelerate the migration of on-premises applications to the cloud.

TIBCO Cloud Path services are also available for customers looking to jumpstart their cloud journeys by re-hosting, refactoring or re-architecting on-premises applications.

As-a-Service offerings

  • TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.
  • TIBCO Mashery®.
  • TIBCO Nimbus™ Maps.
  • TIBCO Simplr®.
  • TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud.
  • TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud Enterprise.
  • TIBCO® Reward.
  • tibbr®.

Marketplace offerings

  • TIBCO® Clarity.
  • TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer® Engine – Cloud Edition.
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft® for AWS.
  • TIBCO Spotfire® for AWS.

Cloud certified

Specific products and configurations within the following product families have been certified

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Bus.
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid.
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM.
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces®.
  • TIBCO BusinessConnect™.
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents®.
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks™.
  • TIBCO Datasynapse GridServer®.
  • TIBCO eFTL™.
  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™.
  • TIBCO Foresight®.
  • TIBCO Hawk®.
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft®.
  • TIBCO® Live Datamart.
  • TIBCO LogLogic®.
  • TIBCO® Managed File Transfer.
  • TIBCO Mashery®.
  • TIBCO Nimbus™.
  • TIBCO Rendezvous®.
  • TIBCO Silver® Fabric.
  • TIBCO Spotfire®.
  • TIBCO StreamBase®.

Hence these Trained Professional, Certified Professional and Cloud Certification are the certifications provided for TibcoSpotfire.

Everyone is looking for new things to learn “Why” means to have a minimum information of courses. Here, we have worked with differences of Tibco Spotfire.

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