Informatica IDQ Certification

Why to get Informatica IDQ Certification?

As simple! Get Expertise in Informatica Data Quality!

Learn how to run data quality mapping on Excel spread sheets in this module (Power Center Integration, Performing Consolidation, grouping data and DQ Matching Cluster Analysis, GUI, Mappings Mapplets and Reusable AV Transformation.etc) and identify, resolve, and prevent costly data problems.

I’m not just certain, but serious that this certification proves to your current/future organization that you are a lucrative asset, skilled in Data Quality processes such as Profiling, Standardization, Matching, and Consolidation.

Today I’m going to explain to you the reasons for getting this certification, the results you get after. Most important and trivial of all, I discuss eligibility.

The certification exams measure your competence as a member of a project implementation team. The credentials enable assurance that an Information Qualified Certified Professional with below mentioned certifications has met the eligibility criteria in the fields, and the required knowledge and skills for competence.

1. Administrator, Specialist Certification.

2. Developer, Specialist Certification.

3. Data Governance, Specialist Certification.

Candidates can gain knowledge to enter the lucrative domain of IDQ and earn the certification. To validate the certification required,

Whether your applications are on premises or in the cloud, Informatica data quality products deliver authoritative and pervasive data quality to all stakeholders, projects, data domains, and all projects and applications.

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Administrator, Specialist Certification:

This exam measures your competency as a full member of a project implementation team, including: your ability to install, configure and administer the Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) Product (Client, Server and Services), setup IDQ Domain Security (Users, Groups, Privileges on IDQ Services), IDQ Connections, and prebuilt Content (Accelerators, Address Data, Identity Populations), Upgrade, Monitoring and Reporting.

Developer, Specialist Certification:

This exam measures your competency as a member of a project implementation team. This involves an in-depth knowledge of Data Quality processes such as Profiling, Standardization, Matching, and Consolidation.

You must select and configure the appropriate Data Quality transformations and build, debug and execute Data Quality mappings including integrating those mappings into Power Center if needed.

Data Governance, Specialist Certification:

This exam measures your ability to utilize Informatica products in support of data governance. Measure your skills in ensuring high levels of data quality, integrity, availability, trustworthiness, and data security.

Test your knowledge and ability to leverage the Informatica Platform for execution and maintenance of Enterprise Data Governance.

What are the benefits & key features in Informatica Data Quality?

  • Reduce risks by identifying, resolving, and preventing costly data problems.
  • Enhance IT productivity and business self-sufficiency with powerful business-IT collaboration tools.
  • Reduce costs for the business.
  • Achieve better business outcomes and maximize the return on data.

A major benefit of Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) is increasing confidence and trust in enterprise data by making data quality more visible and more relevant to the business.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise discovery, discovery search and data profiling.
  • Data quality rules builder for business analyst.
  • Role base capabilities for developer and business analyst.
  • Data Standardization, validation, enrichment, de-duplication and consolidation.
  • Exception data handling with stakeholder approval.

Who can go for Informatica Data Quality Certification?

As such there are no prerequisites for learning IDQ. However, with a number of opportunities in the field, the following job roles will get benefited from this course:

  • Business Analysts.
  • Business Developers.
  • Data Explorers.
  • Analytics Professionals.
  • Mainframe Developers and Architects.
  • Candidates interested in taking up career under Informatica.

An Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) professional makes an average of $67K, ranging from $47K to $89K based on fewer than 20 profiles.

These numbers represent our estimate for potential total compensation, including Base Salary, approximate Equity, and an Annual Bonus as an aggregate of all Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) salaries. Explore relevant salary ranges, open jobs, associated skills, demographics insights, and more.

Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) masters in all the methods required to build and debug data quality mappings and integrate them into Informatica Power Centre. IDQ Course leverages a service-based architecture to build, support and deploy in support of various applications.

This course introduces working with Developer Tool, Performing tasks like creating projects and objects, profiling data.

It reduces risk by identifying, resolving, and preventing costly data problems. It achieves better business outcomes, by making data quality more visible and more relevant to the enterprise.

To learn about tutorials, interview questions and answers, and more, read more about informatica IDQ on our blogs.

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