Lesson 01: Introduction to Blue Prism

Robotic automation allows you to form a automation where a machine, or computer, represents a human performance in implementing rule-based tasks. Robotic Automation refers to process Automation where computer software handles existing business application software in the same way that a user does. Blue Prism will enable you to develop revenue, client fulfillment and automated enterprise and marketing intelligence method.

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Quiz 01:Overview

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      Lesson 02: How to create a process

      A process illustrated in Process Studio looks extremely like a traditional flowchart. As in Object Studio, each page in a process has its own tab, letting the analyst divide the process into logical groupings. Also like- Object Studio, Process Studio which enables its user to create logic, graphically by assembling stages on a design surface. The tool involves a built-in debugger that allows stepping through a process, setting breakpoints, examining data items, and more.

      Quiz 02: RPA

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          Lesson 03: What is Multi Calculation

          The stages authorized in a Blue Prism process are related, but not equivalent, to those used in a VBO. The control flow stages, such as Link, Decision, Choice, and Loop are all obtainable, as is the Calculation stage. Calculation contains an expression that performs a calculation on data items, such as adding two numbers, extracting a sub-string or converting a date from one format to another.

          Quiz 03: Tool walkover

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              Lesson 04: Decision Task Overview

              Decision works like an If statement, branching an operation control flow based on the value of one or more data items. Meanwhile, the robotic software will increasingly be able to trade with rule-based, dynamic processes, and carry out advanced judgment and decision-making tasks.

              Lesson 05: Introduction to Circular path

              The basic principle of Blue Prism is to automate repetitive work, and as such Process will probably require repeating some steps over and over again linear paths but the fact is that we will require creating diagrams that serve some sort of circular path.

              Lesson 06: Bots in Blue Prism, Control Room

              Process Studio is only used for building and testing a Process. Although we can run a Process from the diagram, in an operational environment.Processes are not run in Process Studio; Processes are run from another part of Blue Prism named Control Room.

              Lesson 07: Business Objects

              A real Process would be required to do some useful tasks, and in order to do so it would invariably need to work with external applications. The interface to an application is not contained within a Process diagram, but in a separate diagram known as a Business Object.

              Lesson 08: Object Studio

              Object Studio is used to capture the functionality of an application so that it can be employed by Processes.A Process is used to combine the application functionality with business rules in order to perform useful work. This application functionality is known as a Business Object.


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