Lesson 01: What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is a software firm that develops the AA software tool for Robotic Process Automation. These Automation Anywhere bots provide end-to-end business processes for companies allowing virtual workflow through the automation process

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      Lesson 02: Hello World

      The Task List, which produces up most of the workspace, displays relevant task details in columns such as File Name, Description, Created At, Duration, Size, Hotkeys (if any) and Status etc.

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          Lesson 03: How we can set a schedule ?

          It is an easy facility to manage automated tasks on time-based scheduling capabilities. You can schedule to run the task daily, weekly, monthly.

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              Lesson 04: What is Task Editor?

              The Automation Anywhere Task Editor is the most powerful component of the product, providing business process specialists and IT staff with all the tools necessary for enhancing, streamlining, and deploying automated processes.
              The Task Editor provides hundreds of commands that you can use to create automated processes for your organization. It is unique in the software automation industry: non-technical business users can quickly build and deploy automated processes with simple drag-and-drop operations, yet the solution is flexible and robust enough for technical IT staff to build more complex, integrated, end-to-end processes.

              Lesson 05: What is Trigger File?

              It gives a unified view of the triggers that are connected to your tasks. Utilize it to enable or disable selected or all triggers as well as add, modify and delete specific triggers added to a task.

              Lesson 06: What is Delay Command?

              Use the delay command to add a delayed particular point in an automated task. Or the wait command to insert a wait condition in an automated task.

              Lesson 07: App Integration

              Automation Anywhere performs it easy for you to integrate any application with your automated tasks using simple drag-and-drop operations.

              Lesson 08: Clipboard


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