Informatica MDM Landing Process

Landing Process:

Landing Tables

The entry point of the source data into the MDM Hub.

No constraints or referential integrity.

Important columns in a landing table:

Last Update Date – Date on which the record was last updated on the source system.

Primary Key Identifier column’s – A column or a combination of columns that would form the basis of a primary key.

The mode by which source system load data into the landing tables is completely external to MDM Hub.

Some general modes of loading data into the landing table are:

1. ETL Process.

2. SQL Inserts.

3. Online System.

Contains Full Data Set Property – Specifies whether the landing table contains full data set from the source system or only updates

If selected, then TRUE

If not selected (default setting), then FALSE

Useful for the “Delta Detection” process during stage load.

Base Objects:

Stores the central business entities – such as customers, accounts, or products

Represents the “best version of truth” for an entity

Provides functionality for matching and merging data

Built-in lineage (cross-references) and history

Supports Trust & Validation rules

Unique key is ROWID_OBJECT

ROWID_OBJECT is generated and managed by MRM

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XREF Tables:

Each Base Object has underlying cross-reference (XREF) table

XREF created and managed by MRM

XREF maintain source system lineage data

Important columns of  XREF table:

ROWID_XREF                    –              Unique primary key of XREF table

ROWID_SYSTEM             –              Unique identifier of the source system

PKEY_SRC_OBJECT      –              Unique key from the corresponding stage table

ROWID_OBJECT              –              Unique identifier of the base object record

LAST_UPDATE_DATE  –                Date on which record was last updated in the XREF table

SRC_LUD                              –              Date on which record was last updated in the source system

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