Comparisons Between Informatica MDM vs Informatica IDQ vs Informatica Powercenter

Comparisons of Informatica IDQ:

Informatica IDQ Informatica MDM Informatica Powecenter
IDQ was great at helping us cleanse our data and find duplicate information  Informatica Master Data Management is well suited for identifying the best version of the truth for master data. It provides a means to easily set trust and validation of multiple source systems to fine tune the resultant master data. It is by far a leader in the master data management space. PowerCenter is the top of the line tool for migrating data from one source to another. It excels at filtering and modifying data before deploying it into a target environment, usually for end user use.
Address Doctor: Automatically suggests and corrects the customer address based on the global address database. Thus ensuring the correct physical address of the customer Allows you to implement detailed business rules to apply to your data.

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The tool is excellent at pulling data from source systems, modifying it to fit a target system, and then pushing the data accordingly.
IDQ can be merged with Powercenter very fast and adequately Works well with any ETL tool, but especially well with Informatica PowerCenter. PowerCenter is very adept at applying data filters and ‘business rules’ to source data before pushing the results to the end user.
Its high time Informatica must integrate all tools like powercenter, IDQ, IDE , powerexchange into one which will simplify development and maintenance Address validation sometimes leads to incorrect results. This is my biggest issue with the product. It is a good, efficient product. Lots of developers are easily available in the market to perform the work.
Informatica Data Quality provides more accuracy, adaptability, compatibility, and is performance-oriented. Integration with other applications is easy to achieve Mapping within the tool can be difficult. But that is slated for upgrade with the next version. PowerCenter provides lots of features to implement mapping rules.
End user experience improved and reporting needs increased with quality Informatica MDM allowed for a faster stand-up of our Salesforce environment.  Very easy to design, develop and maintain ETL code.
Informatica MDM allowed for a faster stand-up of our Salesforce environment. Informatica MDM provided a means to keep our multiple source systems synchronized. There is no real interface between PowerCenter and programs that manage the encapsulation of password for System Accounts.
QA process time decreased. Informatica MDM can be pricey but is definitely a leader in the space. Easily integrate with its other products like IDQ and MDM.

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