Comparison of Sailpoint Vs Okta Vs Oim

SailPoint Vs Okta Vs Oim SailPoint provides identity governance resolutions with on-premises and cloud-based identification and access management software for the most complex challenges. SailPoint provides integrated IAM solutions for compliance, provisioning, password management, single sign-on (SSO) and managing unstructured data. Specifications i. Number of Users: N/A ii. Sessions: N/A iii. Pricing: Free Trial, Premium iv. Device Supported: Web-Based(OS Agnostics)Android, I phone.
Benefits: SailPoint provides identity governance and it is cloud-based identity access management software for the most complex challenges. Okta Okta, provides secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers with Okta. Partner or Customer SSO, Connecting to Distributor and Supplier Identities, MFA for Your Apps, Single Customer Profile, Mobile Device Lifecycle Automation, Cloud Apps on Mobile Devices, Employee System of Record, Enterprise Federation for Your Service, Access Apps Across Multiple Domains, HR-Driven IT Provisioning, Secure User Management, Employee SSO to Apps, MFA for Apps or VPN.

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  • Number of users:1,2-9,10-49,50-99,100-499,500-999,1000+
  • Sessions: N/A
  • Pricing: Free Trial, Premium
  • Device Supported: Web Based(OS Agnostic)Android, Iphone
Benefits Okta is free to start and comes with the great support. The pricing is fairly reasonable starting at $1/user/month. OIM (Oracle Identity Management) OIM has huge competitors in Identity space. This compares the components and which product would be easy to maintain and install.
SailPoint Components OIM Components
Application Server Application Server
Database Database
Web server(optional) Web server(optional)
Design Console
SOQ for Emails, Workflows & BPEL
Remote Managers
OIM need to have individual connectors and need to be installed but in case of SailPoint all the connectors come to default, without any configuration. The Additional upgrade is required for the individual connectors in case of OIM. In OIM additional component SOA is required for Emails and WorkFlows but in case of SailPoint, it is not required. Clearly, SailPoint is the WINNER in case of components maintenance and upgrade. You will get more information from the tutorials as well as you will know about sailpoint.

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